These Are A Few Of The X Factor's Rebecca Ferguson's Favorite Things

Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson.
Photo: Courtesy of Keith Munyan

If you're a living breathing functioning human, you already know that The X Factor sensation Rebecca Ferguson's insanely soul-slaying pipes result in baby making/heart attacks/shattered glass. And if you're an MTV Style reader, (as you best be!), you too knooow homegirl's style game is off-the-gilded-Pamela-Love-chains. See: The middle-parted shiny tasseled locks and our shared penchant for a smokey eye, heavy mascara and a good lip. Mmkay, and can we please discuss those purrfect EYEBROWS. *faints* It's also totally fair to say I'm still obsessively j'adoring over her aesthetic awesomeness in her black-and-white crazily chic music video for "Nothing's Real But Love" (she better sang!) from her debut album, Heaven. Hiii, I'm, duh, in *HEAVEN* to present this week's Fave Things with the ridiculously ferosh heart-explosions-inducing song bird, Ms. Rebecca Ferguson.


Rebecca Ferguson

All photos courtesy of Rebecca Ferguson

Lipstick: YSL's new collection lipgloss Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain.

Karaoke Song: "Black Velvet" for other people, but "Wonderwall" for me.

Perfume: Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia.

Nail Polish: Barry M... Bright colors!


Rebecca Ferguson

Statement Piece: Giuseppe Zanotti crystal wedges. 

Fast Food Chain: MAC D's! (McDonald's)

Magazine: Vogue and ELLE.

Moisturizer: I use Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask as a moisturizer.

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