5 Iconic 98 Degrees Looks We Want To See At Their Reunion Show

The late '90s/early aughts heyday of boy bands (and girl bands, too!) were a very interesting times for music group fashion. The One Direction dudes may be the current Kings of Coordinating™, but they're only the latest evolution of a time when boy bands didn't simply match. They often replicated entire outfits 4 or more times over for each member. One such group, 98 Degrees, is finally reuniting this summer at Pennsylvania's Mixtape Festival, and in honor of the good news, we've rounded up the top 5 iconic looks we're crossing our fingers for Nick, Jeff, Drew, and Justin to wear for their comeback.


98 Degrees perform at The Event To Prevent: A Benefit Concert to Launch The Candie's Foundation on June 5, 2001.
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The all-white look was a pretty standard one for boy bands of this era, but none carried it quite as well as 98 Degrees. These crisp, white ensembles with their clean lines and easy, relaxed fit ooze summery cool. Not to mention the sneakers and drawstring pants à la Nick Lachey are soooooo on-trend.


98 Degrees

98 Degrees perform at Shoreline Amphitheatre on July 31, 1997 in Mountain View California.
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A pretty general rule for boy bands was to never shy away from a theme. Military details and camouflage were HUGE at the height of 98 Degrees' success, so the boys didn't just pull on some greyscale camo cargo pants. They went all out with bicep-baring utility vests. These outfits scream, "Welcome to the gun show," and the whole shirtless-but-not-really-shirtless thing is veeeeeery 98 Degrees.


98 Degrees attend the 26th Annual American Music Awards on January 11, 1999.
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Okay, so velvet three-piece suits are a little much for us to ask these dudes to wear on stage at a summer music festival, but come on, we can dream, can't we? We just really admire the gumption and probably extremely breathable undergarments that these head-to-toe plushy looks (I mean, look at those PANTS) demanded for wearing on the red carpet *bows in reverence*.


Photo: Courtesy of The 98 Degrees Facebook

This relaxed shot of the dudes of 98 Degrees hangin' out on some unidentified rigging equipment pretty much sums up all of the weird and wonderful that is this time period of fashion. Nick's middle-parted 'do, the hyper-vibrant plaids, the winks at athletic wear, THE ENYCE (!!!). It's enough to send us digging in our parents' attics for all those dELiA*s catalogs we massacred with highlighters then refused to throw away.


98 Degrees at the Nickelodeon's 1998 The Big Help.
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I meeeeean, this is the epitome of matching in a pinch. Need to cloak the entire group in the same gear but are a little short on time? DON'T PANIC. Hit up your nearest friendly outdoors/extreme sports store, ask a sales associate to direct you to the Skydiving Department, select one jumpsuit for each group member in the most electric color available, maybe add zippers... VOILA! Insta-boy band.


98° - "Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)"

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