Ashley Greene Dishes On Raiding Katy Perry's Closet, Debbie Harry's Style And More In Interview

Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene at the Samsung Galaxy SIII launch in New York on June 20.
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WHERE shall I even fail to begin to describe my/the MTV Style HQ/the universe's obsession with Ashley Greene? For sartorial-friendly starters, I often find myself on a lonely Saturday evening exclusively viewing Greene's scenes in Twilight whilst my mug is smeared in a overpriced clay mask in an attempt to emulate her immaculate superhuman skin glow. Weekday lunch breaks usually involve Google image searches ("Ashley Greene + Face of DKNY", "Ashley Green + front row at Donna Karan", "Ashley Greene leaving the gym remaining perpetually uh-mazing"). I must confess, excessive droolage on my Macbook happens. Another newsflash: I nearly collapsed last night, and it had nothing to do with the oppressive New York heat wave. Ms. Greene played hostest-with-the-mostess enviable designer-filled closet/skin/life for Samsung Mobile's launch of the Samsung Galaxy SIII (Call me on that Samsung, maybe/def, Ash.). As I inappropriately schvitzed away in my acid-wash DIY daisy dukes—for which Greene complimented me (thx, girl!)—I attempted to pull myself together to chit-chat with her over the blaring beats courtesy of Swedish House Mafia's Sebastian Ingross and surprise guest performer, Skrillex (!!!). The Pucci-perfection clad Greene filled me in on fantasies of playing dress-up with Katy Perry and Debbie Harry (*dead*) and tips on attempting to be as drop dead gorgeous as her. Hint: less is more. Take notes, dear readers.

MTV STYLE: So I want to automatically and probably foolishly assume your girl Donna Karan made your uh-mazing dress...

ASHLEY GREENE: It's actually Pucci! It's beautiful. It's very fun I think. There's something a little edgy about it but it's so classic. I'm obsessed. I saw it and was like, "Ok, I need to wear that!" And luckily, it zipped right up and it fit, which is always a very nice feeling.

Your stylist, Cristina Ehrlich, must be really hooked up with the red carpet designer lewks!

My stylist makes finding a dress for something really easy because she usually pulls two or three racks of amazing dress after amazing dress. But you know how they always say, "The first one you usually gravitate toward is the one you'll end up wearing"? So, usually I'll try on a dress and think it's incredible, but then try on other stuff and then I always end up going back to the first dress.

Let's talk about your day-to-night beauty regimen rituals a.k.a how you are so beautiful at all times.

My beauty regimen honestly consists of more than just product. I get photographed everyday coming from the gym so I think everyone knows I go to the gym a lot. I work out in what happens to be a very hot room where it's about 90 degrees. So I sweat a lot and I think it kind of cleanses you from all of the impurities. And then lots and lots of water. I drink alkaline water. I think those are two of the bigger things because a lot of it is what you put inside your body. At least for me, my body responds really quickly—if I eat a bunch of sugar, I'm gonna break out. I do wash my face twice a day. I always wear sunblock, always wear moisturizer. You should use false tanners even though it's not the best, but it's better than getting wrinkles. I usually try not to wear much makeup, unless it's for events. But I didn't have a speck of makeup on yesterday or today until they put it on for this. I think it's very important to let your skin breathe and to allow yourself to see yourself without makeup on. I do feel like you get used to seeing yourself glammed up and then you're not as comfortable in your own skin. It's a dangerous thing in our industry because you're always glamor, and you take it off and you're like, "Ohhh. That's what I look like?" Mascara is one of my favorite things, but I'm pretty minimal when it comes to makeup in my everyday life.

If you could raid any pop princess' closet, who would it be and why?

I do think that Katy Perry's would be really fun. You wouldn't really know what you'd find in there. I think everything in her closet would be something I didn't have, so it'd be an interesting way to kind of switch things up and incorporate different things into my wardrobe.

How about an actress?

I would raid Sienna Miller's closet. I just saw she has these new Susan boots. I have them in red and I really want them in black—I would definitely steal them from her closet. She always looks really put together and amazing but always really effortless.

So I know you rock some designer lewks, but for us broke bitches, tell us WHERE do you get your retail chain shopping-sprees on?

I love Topshop. And I just went to Urban the other day. They always have cute little dresses. American Apparel is good for me for basics. And there's a store called Aritzia that I'm obsessed with.

So, you're starring in the much-buzzed about film about New York's iconic rock n' roll venue, CBGB. I'm expecting major '70s style, girl. Are you more of a Debbie Harry or a Patti Smith? And how excited are you for that wardrobe?!

I think I'm more of a Debbie Harry. It's gonna be cool! The character I'm playing is the owner's daughter, and she handles all of the finances and kind of runs all of the business side of CBGB. She's tough, you know? She's a New Yorker. I haven't really played a character like that, so I'm excited to step out of my comfort zone. But also, as far as the wardrobe, I know it's going to be so vastly different from what I'm used to. I like stuff like that because it forces you to take yourself out of your box and wear things you wouldn't necessarily wear. I find that after every film I work on I incorporate my character's style into my style—and usually end up taking something!

What do you look for in a potential BF's style?

I think for me, it's all about them being comfortable in what they're wearing and being original and being themselves. If I see a shirt, and I'm like, "You'd look great in this!" I'd do the same thing with my brother. But I would never wanna dictate someone else's style because then I feel like it's not their style—it's my interpretation of what their style should be. Just someone being true to who they are.

Music time! What's the last music you purchased off iTunes?

I definitely downloaded the Fun. album and the Gotye album. I downloaded a bunch of '90s music. I downloaded the TLC album—I play "Creep" in all of my photo-shoots now.

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