New 'Katy Perry: Part of Me' Clip: Meet Johnny Wujek

Katy Perry and Johnny Wujek: Besties.
Photo: Getty

The bond between a pop star and her stylist is a special one. Through thick and thin, wardrobe malfunctions and red carpet victories, they are a team, bonded together by double sided tape and sequins. Perhaps one of the most dynamic star/stylist duos is that of Katy Perry and Johnny Wujek. We caught up with Johnny just last week to talk about some of his favorite things, and now Katy herself is making her own introduction to the man behind the neon and candy canes in a new clip from her Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D concert film. We know we don't even have to tell you how excited we are for the movie, and a large part of our excitement is getting to go behind the scenes in Katy's dressing room to see just HOW those light up, spinning, gleaming costumes are rigged together. The man is a genius, we tell you, a genius. Watch the clip after the jump!

We can only imagine that after being on a tour spanning months, withstanding the drama of split seams and broken buttons (no idea if either of those things actually happened), you would get really close to your stylist. The relationship expressed in the clip, though, seems like much more than needles and thread. Johnny and Katy are actually friends, which is awesome to see, and clearly they share the sensibility that's part whimsical fantasy and part boundary-pushing cool that we've seen all over everything Katy has worn. Love it.

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