Would You Use A Handprinted Clutch?

Nancy Stella Soto Hand Bag

A handbag by Nancy Stella Soto.
Photo: Courtesy of Stand Up Comedy

A trusty, neutral clutch is a great thing to have. It's your go-to carryall date, holding your hand (err, scratch that, reverse it) from season to season as you traipse from one faaaabulous event to the next. It should be bold enough to make a statement but not so loud that it overpowers your outfit (nobody outshines YOU, honey booboo child!). Could this oversized, handprinted number by Nancy Stella Soto be the one for you? Maybe! Let's talk it out first, though.

This bag retails for $550 at Stand Up Comedy which isn't exactly "chump change," so chances are good this would be an investment piece. The buttery look of this leather promises durability, and the thick constrast stitching along the edges probably indicates some excellent construction. The silhouette and materials are both pretty classic, enough to stand the test of time. It's just that molding that has us scratching our heads.

We're not saying we dislike it. But we're definitely not 100% on liking it either. It's a really interesting idea, one that reminds us of that Lulu Guinness "Be a Pin-Up" exhibit we loved so much. But something about the way those fingers peek out beneath that knit fold feels kind of "Mischa Barton lurking underneath the bed in The Sixth Sense" to us. But maybe we also like that... Tell us what you think - would you use a handprinted clutch?

{via Fashion Indie}

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