Justin Bieber Wears Studded Supras, Reveals Secret Fragrance Ingredient, And More At ‘Bieber Live’

Justin Bieber at MTV’s “Bieber Live.”
Photo: MTV

Time for me to cross a major item off the bucket list. World, I have officially stood inches (CENTIMETERS, even) from Justin Bieber. AND I didn’t totally lose it or have a massive panic attack or anything (Look at me now, Ma!!). The Biebs graced our studios with his presence for Bieber Live to promote his brand new album Believe. Justin answered fan questions, performed an acoustic version of “Die In Your Arms”, and chatted with Sway Calloway. As is expected with anything this 18-year-old pop superstar touches, the live interview was riddled with fashion easter eggs, all of which we’re about to unlock for you right NOW.

The lucky members of our studio audience made out like bandits, taking home not only the new album but ALSO the follow-up fragrance to Someday. Amidst talk of Believe, he even fielded a few questions about his new perfume Girlfriend, telling Sway that he wanted this fragrance to smell “beautiful” and “flowery” but “not too fruity.” He also (jokingly) revealed that every bottle of Girlfriend contains a bead of his own sweat (We wish…or do we?).

Justin Bieber at MTV’s “Bieber Live.”
Photo: MTV

Justin’s performance outfit didn’t break from his current black-and-gold Believe steez with a pentagram embroidered Black Scale varsity jacket, wax-coated Marc by Marc Jacobs denim and another pair of Supra Muska Skytop IIs. Though not the metallic gold kicks he’s been working most often, these shoes were pristine white with gold pyramid studs across the toe and smaller gold spikes smattered all over the tongues – custom alterations, no doubt.

Biebs accessorized with a diamond pave whistle chain that he revealed to fans off-camera didn’t actually work and kindly also demonstrated. And while Viddy tells us that his Sharpie “I [HEART] U BELIEBERS” forearms tattoos happened some-odd 16 days ago, he’s either having them reapplied frequently or really needs to invest in some better soap because they were still there last night!


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