What Does Justin Bieber’s ‘Girlfriend’ Perfume Smell Like?

Justin Bieber’s “Girlfriend” fragrance.
Photo: Courtesy of Justin Bieber Fragrances

If you were in the 3-foot radius of any teenage girl yesterday, you might know that Justin Bieber’s sophomore fragrance Girlfriend just hit Macy’s stores. Bieber told WWD on Monday that “Girlfriend is kind of a more mature version of Someday.” While the adjective “mature” when referring to a scent is typically not used as a selling point (à la extra-mature cheeses and the like *shudders*), we’re definitely interested to find out what exactly this perfume smells like. The fragrance is finally on shelves across the country, which means it’s fair game for the testing, WHICH MEANS (as it so often does here at MTV Style) that it’s time for an office-wide blind smell test to unpack Bieber’s new scent. Because it’s hot on the heels of his debut fragrance Someday, we decided there was no more opportune time to compare the two! We took unmarked samples of both (and some palate-cleansing coffee because we’re consummate professionals) around the floor and took down reactions.

Initial responses to Girlfriend were pretty overwhelmingly positive and markedly spot-on. Without any hint at who the perfume was made by or meant for, sniffers deduced that the blend was fitting for a young lady, not too old, not too young, a kind of “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” situation as our Associate Editor Maud Deitch so aptly put it. Similarly, Someday felt noticably younger to testers, due mostly to its intense sweetness. Production Assistant Rachel Dady noted, “It smells kind of ’90s to me. Probably because that’s when I wore stuff that smelled like this.”

Justin Bieber’s “Someday” perfume.
Photo: Courtesy of Justin Bieber Fragrances

Girlfriend boasts a potpourri laundry list of pear, mandarin, blackberry, pink freesia, star jasmine, apricot nectar, orange blossom, vanilla orchid and luminous musk, one that’s been described as “flirty sophistication” but also reminded a lot of people of the mall. Like, a LOT. Girlfriend elicited mental images of stepping into Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, Bath and Body Works, and even Abercrombie & Fitch, recalling our own memories of walking past The Body Shop where the wafts of mandarin orange pumped out like a cartoon arm sweeping girls into the store.

While unsure of the two scents’ celebrity backing, Bieber and his real-life girlfriend Selena Gomez were both mentioned throughout the smell test process. Unprovoked (!!!!!), Production Assistant Chelsea Welsh said, “If I were Justin Bieber, I’d want my girlfriend to smell like this,” and Assistant Editor (and apparently genius fragrance sleuth) Chrissy Mahlmeister said about Girlfriend, “This kind of smells like Justin Bieber’s perfume plus Selena Gomez’s.” Cue the imminent brain explosion already because howwww perfect is that description? Bieber + his IRL lady?! Wow. *initiates slow clap* The general consensus was a collective thumbs up, which, we think, could mean the Biebs has another hot-seller on his hands, but catch a whiff of Girlfriend for yourself at Macy’s and let us know what you think!

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