5 Ombre Manicures You Haven't Tried Yet

Listen, we're WELL aware that ombre manicures have been around for-ev-er (we wrote about them way back in 2010, NBD), but if you're searching for some fresh new ways to wear gradient nails that haven't been done a bajillion times, look no further! We've found five fun updates on the summery staple that'll jazz up that ol' mani in no time. Let's get riiightt into it, shall we?


First up, the snakeskin ombre. OOoOOoH. We're gettin' the shivers just thinking about it. Adding a scaly layer of white polish over any ombre design will immediately give it the badass look it was waiting for. Also, note the glitter gradient on the other fingers, which is super easy to DIY. (We totally just gave you two ideas in one! That rules!)


The cool part about ombre manicures is that you don't have to follow all of the rules. Try to not blend the colors together and keep 'em separate for an edgier take on the design. Also, this version of the mani kind of has a digital print feel, which we're REALLY into.


For a less subtle ombre approach, take the non-blended ombre idea and combine it with some dark zigzag designs over the top. Unlike the snakeskin print, this has a much bolder feel ESPECIALLY combined with the rainbow gradient color palette. There maaaaaay even be sparkles in there too. Go big or go home, right?


If you want to take the non-blended ombre a step further, this is DEFINITELY the way to go. Add some black lines in-between each color for a striped version of the old staple. Ideally you'd go for one color in different shades instead of contrasting colors, but y'all get the idea!


We know it's hard to hide all that awesome handiwork, but we LOVE when the ombre bareeellly peeks out beneath an opaque design. Here she did some thick white stripes over a blue to pink fade, which is so perfect for summer.

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