Rihanna Reveals New Falcon Gun Tattoo

Rihanna Falcon Gun Tattoo

Rihanna and her new falcon tattoo.
Photo: Getty Images/Rihanna's Instagram

We have to say it—we live vicariously through Rihanna's tattoos. While we're totally tat free ourselves (womp, womp), the singer is always getting inked up (see: The Tupac-inspired "Thug Life" knuckle tat she got in January). This weekend she debuted a falcon in the shape of a gun on her inner right ankle (with some killer cobalt blue patent pumps!), which totally reflects her no-nonsense, "bad gal RiRi" attitude. The wings of the falcon are displayed at a 90-degree angle with the talons curved together in the shape of a trigger, but we bet you're wondering what the meaning behind this tat is, aren't 'cha? Well, Rihanna tweeted this tidbit of information: "Falcon: a light that shines in the darkness! Never close their eyes during sleep," alongside a close up pic of the tat, which we're assuming means she's always having to watch her back. We love that Rihanna is always up for some cool body art, but should we bit a WEE bit worried that her safety is in danger? Eep! We need a closer look.

Rihanna Falcon Gun Tattoo

Rihanna's new falcon tattoo.
Photo: Rihanna's Instagram

Dang, that's some seriously good shading! It seems like Rihanna's tattoos are getting bigger and bolder as time goes on, and we're sososo curious as to what she'll get next. Full sleeve arm tats? Entire back pieces? Giant thigh tattoos? Only time will tell! But what do you think, do like Ri's fresh new ink? Let us know in the comments below!

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