Azealia Banks, Mary Kate Olsen and Lady Gaga Make Antlers Into An Accessory

Although they might seem like unlikely headgear for a human, antlers have certainly had their fashion moment.
Photo: Azealia Banks' Tumblr/Marie Claire/Getty

We were really excited when Azealia Banks joined Tumblr. We love Tumblr, and we love Azealia Banks, and also knowing how totally entertaining the vocalist is on Twitter, we knew that giving her a little more room couldn't be anything but AWESOME. Well we were right, and one of the most scream-worthy Azealia Tumbls was definitely the still from her video for "Liquorice" in which she's sporting some profoundly impressive antlers. The first thing we thought of was definitely True Blood's season 2 Menad storyline, but we also had a little itchy inkling in the backs of our minds that this was not the first time reindeer-style had come across our desks. After a little digging, we remembered! In her September 2010 Marie Claire cover story, Mary Kate Olsen sported an Anne Valerie Hash antler headpiece in one of the photos, accompanied by loose, slightly disheveled locks and a fierce warrior stare. When Lady Gaga went antler-crazy, she perched sharp looking white antlers atop a furry hat for an appearance in London in 2010. The singer also wore oversize shades, red lips and a see through, apparently plastic, frock. Despite the outrageousness of the dress, though, the antlers still take hold the spotlight of the outfit.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Lady Gaga's stylist, Nicola Formichetti, also styled Azealia's "Liquorice" vid. Is the ever-talented Nicola trying to start an antler craze? Although it seems unlikely, as flower crowns are a much more practical summer headpiece than sharp, pointy, tall protrusions, we like the look it creates. So, we won't be sporting the trend anytime soon, but fabulous famous ladies of the world? Have at it!

Would you ever wear antlers?

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