These Are A Few Of Johnny Wujek's Favorite Things

Johnny Wujek.
Photo: Courtesy of Johnny Wujek

From the daisy dukes, whipped-creme-spewing-brassieres on top to serving us some maje Rainbow-Brite-at-the-Met-ball realness, Johnny Wujek is the (foxy) costume designer/stylist responsible for bringing out the crayola-friendly CRAY in Katy Perry. You go, girl. And, if you're a dedicated MTV Style reader, then, duh, you know/set your TiVos months in advance for Wujek's debut on America's Next Top Model this Sept (!!!) on the CW alongside fashunnn blogger extraordinaire turned judge Bryan Boy. Can you EVEN imagine these two style slayers working in tandem? Wujek being adorbs whilst sporting a lil scruff, tattoos spilling out under his tiny tank and his fave Detroit Tigers hat (#SWOON!), Bryan Boy working some bananas blue furry lewk and throwing major shade behind designer sunnies, and Tyra Banks smizing away before putting her best poker face on as she eliminates the cuties with those infamously dramatic/most. uhmazing. pauses. EVER. *J'Dead* So, because I <3 y'all and stuff, I seriously stalked Wujek til he gave in and, despite his dizzying sched with Ty Ty, spilled all the fashion-y beans for this week's Favorite Things! And for those who can't get enough of Wujek, there's THIS AKA his mega-famous BFF and her pretty posse getting their "Call Me Maybe" cover on, Coachella style. Yer Welcome.

Johnny Wujek's Jeremy Scott for Adidas Sneakers.
Photo: Courtesy of Johnny Wujek


Shoes: Louboutin brown suede spiked high tops and Jeremy Scott for Adidas American flag wing sneaks... Excited to wear on the 4th!

Concert T-Shirt: Katy Perry California Dreams tour. DUH!

Karaoke Song: "She's Like The Wind" -

Patrick Swayze

Johnny Wujek's Detroit pride.
Photo: Courtesy of Johnny Wujek


Statement Piece: Detroit Tigers hat.

Cologne: Hermes D'Orange Vert Eau de Cologne Spray.

Johnny Wujek's tattoo is all about family.
Photo: Courtesy of Johnny Wujek


Tattoo: Family's names in 143. 143 means "I love you". It was all about getting the names to read the numbers. Kenny's really tied it all together.

Undies: Schiesser. It's a German brand that sells at Opening Ceremony.


Katy Perry Fashion Moment: The Met ball light up gown. It made the cover of WWD the next morning!

Twitter Account To Follow: America's Next Top Model, of course!

Favorite trend you'd like to see California Gurls rockin' this summer: I love the florals. And on those peddle pushers and jackets. Love.