Rock The Vote Makes Registering A Snap With QR Code T-Shirt

Show your commitment to democracy by becoming a walking voter registration station.
Photo: Threads For Thought

So, this is MTV Style and we don't usually get too much into politics, but it's an election year so it's only right that we dip our toes into political waters once in awhile. There's a kind of quietly nerve-cracking anxiety that comes over the country as November approaches- dinner table convos get more heated, absentee ballot forms are rushed in at the last minute, everyone wonders, "what's going to happen?" constantly. This is serious business, picking who runs this country of ours, and, obviously that means that everybody has to put down their eyeliner and neon accessories for a minute to make sure they're ready. Have you registered to vote yet? You should. Don't know how? It's easy! And now, thanks to Rock The Vote, you can help ensure other people are registered too in the easiest way possible. The totally genius new Scan To Vote campaign allows you to be a walking billboard for voter registration. Here's how it works: you buy the shirt, which has this rad QR code on it. You're hanging out with a group of friends, dunno, drinking milkshakes or something (totally what I do with my friends all the time), and the subject of the election comes up. Regardless of what side everyone is on, you ask, "is everyone registered?" and any one of your friends who isn't can whip out their smart phone, scan the code on your shirt, and register! BAM! So easy.

The tee, which is being sold through Threads For Thought, a sustainable apparel e-retailer, is available for guys and gals, and will set you back $28.00. It's a lot easier than volunteering, though (which you should do, too), and you'll be helping out democracy and stuff. Get out there! Register to vote!

Would you wear a Rock The Vote QR code?

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