Would You Wear Fur Underwear?

Only Hearts Fur Underwear

Would you wear this Only Hearts fur underwear set?
Photo: Courtesy of Shopbop

Before you even attempt to answer that question, let me just alert you that the bralette of this Only Hearts faux fur lingerie set is currently sold out on Shopbop. Also, there are only two of the thongs left in stock, so this is undeniable proof that SOMEONE (many someones at that!) can envision a time and place wherein she would absolutely slip into these fuzzy, ivory unmentionables. And that's great. But are we, the ladies of MTV Style, in such an extreme minority to think that the entire concept behind these intimates, chiefly the bottoms, is kiiiiiind of *achem* counterintuitive? We think not.

Let's take it at just the word-level: "faux fur underwear." First, we want to give due props for the "faux" aspect, as using real fur for lingerie would surely send more than a few heads swirling off and exploding into the night like a chorus of Roman candles. But isn't there an entire industry bankrolling the fact that womenfolk are clamoring to be rid themselves of their downstairs hairs? (Spoiler alert: there is.) Given that, furry underpants certainly don't make a whole lot of logical sense. But creativity isn't logical, and we know that.

We have a feeling/hope the good people at Only Hearts, who BTW make perfectly wonderful non-fur undergarments, were going for a kind of Raquel Welch à la One Million Years BC look. When you take in the set as a whole unit, you can almost see it. But that solo product shot of the faux fur thong, what with its strangely present sheer ruffle and that patch of baby bunny merkin...MAN, is that a game changer. However, people are clearly buying these furry drawers and presumably wearing them, so we knew we HAD to ask you, faithful readers. Tell us, would you wear fur underwear?

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