Justin Bieber To Release Second Fragrance 'Girlfriend' Next Week

Justin Bieber, Girlfriend

Justin Bieber's second fragrance, Girlfriend.
Photo: Courtesy of JustinBiebersGirlfriend.com

That's right, ladies of the world. After the colossal success of Justin Bieber's debut fragrance Someday, he's releasing a second scent! The new perfume, called Girlfriend, is scheduled to hit Macy's stores the week of June 18 but will also be available later this month at additional retailers. *furiously scribbles dates into calendar* The fragrance comes in a pink and purple spray bottle shrouded in springy-looking criss-crossed caging, a structural diversion from the flowery Someday bottle.

No stranger to a contest, The Biebs is promoting the fragrance with a kind of sing-off competition wherein fans send in videos of themselves covering Justin's single "Boyfriend" but change the gender-specific lyrics to "Girlfriend." *wink* A few lucky entries will air during his June 21st NBC Special. On TOP of that, select participants will find their versions become part of a 60-second commercial for the perfume AND get a chance to meet Justin. As in, right in front of you. In the flesh. (!!!!!)

We have yet to learn what Bieber's latest foray into fragrance-making might smell like, but we are keeping our ears to the ground for any and all hints as they roll out. And obviously, we'll keep you updated along the way. Our hope is that Girlfriend is really just a vile of pheromones created in a lab specifically for attracting Justin Bieber - a kind of science-driven love potion, if you will - thus, solidifying the relationship about which we've already written TOMES of fan fiction. It's proooobably not, but a girl can dream, okay?

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