Shirley Manson Talks Tour Wardrobe, Tom Ford, And More In Exclusive Interview [Video]

Shirley Manson performing at Garbage's New York show in May.
Photo:Brendan Tobin/ MTV

She once fronted Calvin Klein's beauty campaign, works latex and lace like nobody’s business, and serves as an aspirational style icon for ‘90s girls everywhere (myself included). But nowadays Shirley Manson is quick to tell you she’s NOT a quote-unquote fashion person. “I really don’t give it too much thought,” the Garbage frontwoman told MTV Style when we caught up with her just before the band's concert on May 22 in New York. “I’m just not that tuned in now.” She wasn't kidding, as she didn't even namecheck what she was wearing that day, save for her Alexander Wang leather jacket and LAMB shoes (gifted by Gwen herself, natch). But with the group's newest release, the so-awesome-it-hurts Not Your Kind Of People, Manson’s about to get back in the fashion game… onstage, anyway. She has a stylist for the first time on Garbage’s massive world tour this summer, so that means there’s plenty more hot pants, minidresses, and heels to come. Oh, and as for that iconic pink boa? We’ll just have to wait and see….

The hilarious and humble rock star filled us in on her wardrobe, the problems with wearing heels onstage, and the perks of being famous (hint: free clothes) in this exclusive video. Watch it below, and then go and crank up “Blood for Poppies” as loud as you can.


MTV Style | Shirley Manson Talks Tour Wardrobe


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