Totally Fresh Fruit Nail Art For The Summer!

Fruit nail art.
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Surprise! Summer’s almost here, and we’re CERTAINLY going to need some bold manis to match our fierce new frocks. So we thought, well, what’s THE freshest thing in season right now? Fruit, obvs. And when it comes to nail art, there’s no shortage of strawberries, kiwis, and bananas painted on ladies’ tips! We’ve gathered some of our favorite fruity finger inspiration from all across the interwebs with one major thing in mind—that this could ACTUALLY be recreated in the comfort of your own home, or as some like to call it, “DIY.” Cool? Cool. Our first set (above) is a mixed bag of deliciousness, but we have to say we’re ALL about that tricked out pineapple finger. Five polishes on one nail is serious business, but if you’ve got a steady hand (and plenty of drying time), we think you could TOTALLY take a stab at this design.

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The British nail geniuses over at WAH Nails recreated the oh-so-famous Prada S/S 2011 banana print in a fun nail design, and we can’t get enough! Luckily, this set only requires two colors, but let’s hope you have a teeny tiny brush handy!

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If you want to go for some seriously citrus-y tips, we’ve got JUST the thing—an all-over orange mani! The ladies over at QT Place put together a tutorial on how to recreate this design step by step, sooo basically they just did our job for us. *dusts hands off*

Photo: Via Pinterest

Guuhhhh, we love these strawberry nails. Sorry, we had to get that our of our system because we’re obsessed with how simple yet effective this design is. The half moon is replaced by a leafy green design, which we LOVE, and a few black dots for the seeds finish the entire look! Perfection.

For a different take on the citrus look, we liked the hint of lemons and limes peeking out from the corners of the nails paired with white polka dots. Please note how each nail is a different color in the same palette, which makes them flow together effortlessly. YUM!

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