Keds And Urban Outfitters Collaborate On Keds Champion Tie Dye!

The exclusive UO x Keds collaboration puts a splash of summer on the classic kicks.
Photo: Keds

Feel free to go right ahead and agree with me whole-heartedly: There's nothing worse than a bad summer pedi. I often find myself bolting into Opening Ceremony's dressing room for cover whilst covering my eyes and/or violently dry-heaving when I spot a toe up pedi caged in (what I'll go ahead and co-sign is one of the worst trends infiltrating my generation's closets) that sartorial mess known as the gladiator flat. :'( OR, even worse, an OLD NAVY sandal/mandal as it produces those condescending squeaks down West Broadway. *Collapses in traffic, dies.* I've lost my shopping appetite one too many times due to terrifying toes, and I'm not so thrilled about it. Well, there's hope thanks to the cool kids over at Keds who got the urgent memo with their brand new Urban Outfitters' collab. But, GET THIS, y'all... they come in UH-MAZING summer-y shades of orange and purple TIE. DYE. (I dieeee.) And for a cool $50! I'll take both in a size 11, kthxbye (JK. They're for unfort for ladies only...! Let's get on that, Keds.). PS I'm also SO into the brown leather lace detail, which offers a little calm to the bananas color situation. The orange is pretty major (though I'm gonna unofficially rename it a "burnt orange" because, well, that's how I roll) especially with the pale blue trim. Then there's the real head-turners: the punk-y purple kicks AKA someone get Azealia Banks (pls come out of Twitter retirement, girl...) on the iPhone STAT because home gurl is gonna lose her ish over this aesthetic acid-y brilliance. No fancy multi-colored bedazzled toenail stickers can compare. #FACT! Mmmkay, I realize I'm sounding like a janky press release and stuff, but allow me to continue: not only will you be killinnnn' it on the beach in these non-traditional bad-ass babies, but hiiii, both options totally segue into an evening sea-punk Girl Power '90s-ish rave lewk. Win/WIN! So, embrace (but cover up!) your inner fug feet, cancel your afternoon pedi appointment and feed your sartorial sole (hehe).

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