These Are A Few Of Icona Pop's Favorite Things

Icona Pop

Icona Pop.
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In case you were wondering, I remain seriously obsessed with many a Swedish sartorially slaying bubbly songstress cutie. See: arm-flailing-friendly dance-floor diva Robyn and her penchant for zanily patterned Jeremy Scott and platform Timbs and/or reigning fashion-y It Girl Lykke Li and her gothic-y ice princess lewks, most recently causing maje droolage whilst performing at a painfully chic Manhattan dinner for ACNE. *Nods head enthusiastically* But there's a new stylish Swede-y in town, and she comes in TWOS. *DEAD* Meet Aino and Caroline, the bananas-ly baffling UH.DUH.RAH.BLE musical BFF duo behind the dizzyingly addictive electro-pop outfit, Icona Pop. They basically make the kind of music that makes one itch for endless make-out seshs with foxy German boys at warehouse sea-punk raves that pump blaring techno from Friday evening into Monday morning. *Crickets* (ED NOTE: Alex's currently in Berlin.) If you haven't lost your mind to their much blogged-about pop anthem "Manners," in which I shout along "There is no one like me!", yet, WHACHA WAITING FOR? Then there's their latest perma-smize-inducing jam ("you're from the 70s, but I'm a '90s bitch!" lyrical genius + heavy wind-machine usage in the music vid = *faints*), "I Love It", from their forthcoming debut LP, and duh, you're gonna heart it hardcore. Better yet, Icona Pop's style game is on another indescribable level of UHMAZE (Dr. Martens, creamsicle lips, their lucky matching rock crystal necklaces, OH MY!) FYI: That'll be me schvitzing on my own in a tye-die tank at their June 22nd show at Glasslands. Until then, HAPPY FAVE THANGS FRIDAY. Go on, y'all. Let the obsession begin.

Icona Pop

Icona Pop.
Photo: Courtesy of Fredrik Etoall


Icona Pop

All Photos: Courtesy of Icona Pop

Statement Piece: We have both a rock crystal necklace that we wear.  We bought it in Camden, London last summer and it's been either in our pockets or around our neck. It brings us luck. And sometimes we lay it in salt water a couple of days so it can collect some good energy. 

eBay Purchase: Vintage Levi's Jeans.

Perfume: Byredo.


Icona Pop

Tattoo: We just got some new ones. Our friend and Artist Moley Talhaoui made them for us. He is so good. Caroline made two Eiffel Towers and two bones crossing each other. Aino remade two old ones into a lady with a Panther. More to come!

Icona Pop

Nail Polish: MAC's Paula (Green!).

Karaoke Song: The Police: "Roxanne."

Shoes: We sleep and rave in our Dr. Martens. And we love high heels… the higher the better! At the moment, we are loving our high heel shoes from FINSK.

Fast Food Chain: MAX in Sweden.

Concert T-shirt: Pink Floyd.

Magazine: National Geographic and The Last Magazine.


Icona Pop

Lipstick: We have an orange that we share. It disappears every time we go out and sometimes it's gone for ages but it seems always to find it's way back to one of our pockets. 

Moisturizer: REN! We love all the products.

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