Justin Bieber Sports Edgy Embellished Skull Mask

Justin Bieber Skull Mask

Justin Bieber leaving BBC Radio on June 6 in London.
Photo: Getty Images

We have to give it up for Justin Bieber, y'all. First off, dude has more than 22 MILLION Twitter followers (wut) so we can only imagine what his life is like when he graces the public with his pretty presence. Basically, it's insane. By now, he's probably tired of the whole hand-in-the-camera-hiding-from-paparazzi thing, so he's resorted to cooler, more fashionable options to conceal that Cutie McCuterson face away from any teenage girl's wandering eye. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce to you Justin's embellished skull mask. This 3D neoprene face cover has a screenprinted skull on the front complete with a little nose hole. (Aww.) This mask ACTUALLY only costs $14 and can be purchased at sketchy online shops (like this one), but in pure Biebs style, he upped the ante by embellishing the crapola out of it. AMAZING. According to the product description, this mask ALSO glows in the dark. Killer! (Heh.)

But, hey, is anyone else thinking what we're thinking? He's TOTALLY copping Michael Jackson's face-mask-in-public style, right? We know Justin looks to MJ as inspiration but is this taking his love for the pop icon a little too far? Welp, we may never know the reason behind the mask, but if he's going to hide his precious little face from us, he at least did it in the coolest way possible.

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