The Ladies Of 'Girls' Get The Paper Doll Treatment

Dress Hannah up in her signature union suit.
Photo: NY Mag

We're going to be pretty sad when HBO's Girls is over. We're pretty ob-sessed with Lena Dunham's comedy about a group of Brooklyn 20-something ladies (who even live in our neighborhood, natch). Honestly, though, it wasn't always smooth sailing, as the first couple of episodes hit, well, a little close to home (but not that close to home, ew) and kind of bummed us out, but by now we've been totally sold on the world of Hannah, Shoshanna, Jessa, and Marnie. Basically when the show ends it's going to be like when one of your friends moves across the country--there will be a mourning period. Apparently the fine people over at NY Mag's Vulture feel the same way as we do, and Kyle Hilton decided to express his grief by making a set of paper dolls for each of the characters. These are a far cry from the paper dolls of our childhood, which were mostly American Girl characters or historical figures, and DEFINITELY didn't come with iPhones or wineglasses or exposed lady parts.

Jessa may not have her kimono, but he has her signature hat.
Photo: NY Mag">NY Mag

These paper dolls aren't just for show, either, NY Mag has each one downloadable as a PDF, so you can print out your fave character, or, you know, all four, and dress the girls of Girls however your heart desires. Our one complaint is that they didn't include Jessa's awesome kimono. Oh well, you can't have everything.

Do you love HBO's Girls? Who's your favorite character?

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