Taylor Swift, Roxy Olin And Claire Kislinger Play Dress Up

Taylor Swift, Roxy Olin, and Claire Kislinger get all dolled up.
Photo: Claire Kislinger's Instagram

Between her insanely cute kitten, Meredith, and her face painting girls night, Taylor Swift is basically trying to win the prize for living the cutest life, and succeeding. The singer has been in the studio all week working on her next record, but she took some time off from writing to play dress up with her friends Roxy Olin (from The City!) and Claire Winter Kislinger. Our first documentation of a T.Swift lady-party was when the singer got fancy with Dianna Agron and friends in honor of Shirley MacLaine's birthday in flower crowns, white gloves and pretty dresses. Apparently there's no longer any need for an occasion, though, because her last two shindigs have been all just for kicks!

The theme for their latest dress up party appears to be bridal, as the girls are once again wearing flower crowns and white gloves, but this time Taylor is also wearing a veil! Could there be a secret occasion to the night's frivolity? I doubt we'll ever know, but this definitely makes us want to up our girls night game.

What do you do with your girlfriends for fun? Are you loving Taylor's girl's night style?

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