Would You Wear Spiked Leggings?

Nasty Gal sells Daniel Palillo spiked leggings.
Photo: Courtesy of Nasty Gal

Greetings, Internet dwellers. Here is a thing I've found. They're called Spiked Leggings, and you can buy them at one of our favorite e-retailers, Nasty Gal. The only question is: would you? As you've probably deduced by now, these aren't your mom's, aunt's, or grandmother's leggings. Also, these stem-swaddlers are definitely not to be confused with studded leggings which we're mighty familiar with thanks to Miss Beyonce Knowles. These are high-waisted black leggings which feature a row of three 4+ inch fabric-covered spikes down each shin. They're as head-turning as they are spatially-menacing, which is what brings us to our go-to style colosseum: you, dear readers!

These leggings come from the beautiful and brilliant mind of Daniel Palillo who specializes in bold, graphic street wear. Really fantastic stuff with melting dollar signs and gigantic eyeballs and this matching sweatshirt for the spiked leggings. However, we just can't get a final verdict on the aforementioned legwear. Maybe we've been to one-too-many themed parties in our day, but the only outfits we can mentally configure with these leggings are dinosaur costumes. Like this stegosaurus, for instance. Or perhaps, with the addition of a human-sized turtle shell, this here doedicurus (yes, that word was copy-pasted). But again, our brains are likely tainted with the memories of too many nights spent catapulting ping pong balls across tables while wearing some personal space-violating cardboard monstrosity held together with duct tape. So tell us, would you wear these spiked leggings?

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