Katy Perry Skips The Makeup In 'Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3D' Home Video Clip

Katy Perry goes bare-faced in a home movie.
Photo: MTV

Guys, we are SO EXCITED to see Katy Perry's new documentary Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D. So. Excited. Not, like, in a creepy way or anything, but in a we-love-her-she's-awesome-and-so-totally-weird way. We went to her California Dreams tour back in November, and can't wait to see what was going on behind the scenes. Beyond having like a bazillion #1 singles off of the same album (she's the ONLY woman to have had five singles off of one album, hai haters), most of which are stuck in our head on rotation, Katy has been really open about being kind of a wacky freak, but also about the fact that the life of a mega pop star isn't always easy. In the new trailer for the film, which premiered during the Movie Awards on Sunday night, Katy goes bare faced, showing herself hanging out with her family sans makeup, like a regular person. We love it. Katy did an interview with San Francisco radio station WiLD 94.9 where she talks about going bare, saying, "look, I don't want to always look bloated with zits, but it's real--it's human, right? We're not always so pretty."

Perry goes on to say that going without makeup can bring people, couples especially, closer together, as can being (gross) sick in front of a person you're with. People we're dating, they're just like us! is the sentiment, we guess. And yeah, it's totally true. Perry says:

When you're in relationships and you're in that beginning stage and then one of you gets food poisoning and that horrible night or you come down really ill and you're staying with the person, and you're taking up the bathroom and you're like 'No! You can't come in! Just throw me in the bathtub!' in some ways, that brings people closer together and it's because you're over that hump, and you're like, you're a real person, you have real problems, you're not so perfect, and you feel like you can relate to me because I'm not a perfect person!

Watch the exclusive home video clip now and tell us how excited you are for Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D ?!

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