The 'Advanced Style' Documentary Needs Your Support!

"Advanced Style" documents stylish older women living in New York City.
Photo: Courtesy of Advanced Style

Style is not a privilege meant only for the nubile and spry, the lucky youth whose skin hasn't lost a morsel of elastin. Nope. Style is learned and earned, and its a thing that never leaves you, even after your podiatrist tells you that you probably should start wearing flats more often. And thank GOODNESS, because I'm not trying to stop all of this just because my birthday cakes house too many candles for my lungs to withstand. *hair flip* This is the heartbeat of the forthcoming Advanced Style documentary, the pet project of Ari Seth Cohen, creator of the book and blog of the same name, which spotlights several of New York City's most stylish, older women.

Cohen and filmmaker Lina Plioplyte interviewed and filmed amazing ladies like grand dame of accessories Iris Apfel and the lovely, fiery-haired Ilona Royce Smithkin who makes her own false eyelashes over the course of three years and are putting it all together into one beautiful, enriching feature-length film. HOWEVER, they need your help (and your friends' and your parents' and your third grade teacher's) to help finish it off.

The duo has posted their plea to Kickstarter, asking the Internet/world to aide them in financing the remaining editing, sound and color mastering, music licensing, festival entries and distribution they need to get their documentary off the ground by the end of the summer. You can pledge as little as $5 to help them reach their $35,000 goal. Pass it around to all the most stylish ladies in your life, but be warned, there are only 17 days left!


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