Lady Gaga Debuts Fan-Designed T-Shirt As First Piece Of Exclusive Born This Way Ball Tour Merch

Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball

Lady Gaga performing on her Born This Way Ball tour in Taipei, China, on May 18.
Photo: Via Lady Gaga's Facebook Page

Sooo, we've basically followed every step of Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball tour overseas (that ponytail! That meat dress!), and today she debuted some huge news on her Facebook page: She's releasing one exclusive tour shirt on her web store each week all summer long! Eeeee. But to kick off her collection, she picked a tee—GASP—designed by a fan! That's right—one of her Little Monsters created this black graphic T-shirt complete with Gaga's signature blue-tinted ponytail (reminiscent of her "Born This Way" music video) atop a unicorn/motorcycle hybrid (a nod to her Born This Way album cover) wearing heelless booties, and, um, not much else. Also, please note the bold red "Ride, Ride, Pony, Ride, Ride" plastered across the front. Niiiiiceee.

But you guys, do you realize how AMAZING this is?! Mother Monster is sourcing her fans for design inspiration on her tour merch, which will be sold ALL. OVER. THE. WORLD. That means there's a chance for all of us to become designers, and that's totally awesome. This tee is currently available on pre-order for $40 and will ship later this month. We can't wait to see what kinds of merch Gaga has in store for us, but we hope there's more fierce fan-sourced gear for us to fawn over. (WHEW, alliteration much?) But tell us—what kind of tour merch do you hope to see in Gaga's store? Let us know in the comments below!

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