The Man Repeller, Rebecca Minkoff, And Hilary Rhoda Make A "Call Me Maybe" Music Video

The Man Repeller, Hilary Rhoda, and Rebecca Minkoff in their "Call Me Maybe" video.
Photo: Courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff

Ever since Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Tisdale dropped their DIY "Call Me Maybe" video several months ago, the internet has been totally overloaded with kids lip synching the Carly Rae Jepsen insta-hit. And now, there's one more that's guaranteed to grab your attention and stick the song permanently back in your head: blogger Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller, model Hilary Rhoda, and designer Rebecca Minkoff created their own version of the video, which they made while getting ready for last night's CFDA Awards. This hilarious edition features dance parties, some champagne, and yep, even a real baby (it's Minkoff's son Luca)! It's kind of like when a big group of girls gets ready for a night out... but with high fashion additions like makeup artists and designer clothes.

The trio changes from their jeans and t-shirt into- what else?- Rebecca Minkoff dresses while prepping for the awards in New York City. Medine and Minkoff are wearing the designer's short printed frocks, while Rhoda sports a floor-length blue gown. And, proving that all the original Carly Rae goofiness is still there, they even manage to dance outside on the balcony in these fancy clothes and heels with massive smiles on their faces- props, guys! That's definitely ONE way to make major industry shindigs more fun. Our only request: can you three please find a way to do this before every fashion event? Because as this pre-party shows, once is clearly not enough. Check out the video here.

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