Alexander Skarsgård Covers BULLETT’s New ‘Sin Issue,’ Looks Amazing As Usual

Alexander Skarsgård fronts BULLETT’s Summer Issue.
Photo: Courtesy of BULLETT/Tim Barber

Our dreary Monday just got a whole lot better, thanks to BULLETT magazine and a one Mr. Alexander Skarsgård. The actor fronts the publication’s new “Sin Issue,” heating things up in the sleek downtown spread shot by famed photog Tim Barber. And although the True Blood star technically shares the honors with Blake Lively (she scored a separate cover), for now all of our attention’s on Eric Northman-uh sorry, Alex Skarsgård-and can you really blame us?! He’s working a crimson Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci suit and shirt on the cover, but trust us when we say it only gets hotter from there. Get a sneak peek of the photoshoot below and see for yourself.

Alexander Skarsgård posing with shoot’s other model, a baby lamb.
Photo: Courtesy of BULLETT/Tim Barber

The Swedish actor looks every bit the urban heartthrob in sleek button-ups, tailored suits, and a surprisingly bright color palette of turquoise, cherry red, and fresh white. He channels the light/dark energy of Barber’s spread with slightly mussed hair, a determined stance, and a swoon-worthy pensive expression. This is all totally adorable on its own, of course, but what happens when you throw a sleepy baby lamb into the mix? Our brains basically burst from cute overload, that’s what. It might be the ’Sin Issue,’ but in the Emporio Armani shirt above, the cover star doesn’t look sinful at all.

Alexander Skarsgård in Manhattan’s Chinatown.
Photo: Courtesy of BULLETT/Tim Barber

In the feature, entitled “The Sea Inside,” Skarsgård talks True Blood, his new movie Battleship, and life growing up in Stockholm. As for what’s next? “I want a challenge, I want to do something different, to do something exciting and learn something,” he notes. “Doing the same thing is not going to be fun for me and not going to be challenging at all.” Until that next challenge happens, hold out for the Season 5 premiere of True Blood on June 10, and be sure and grab the new issue of BULLETT when it hits stands June 12.

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