Azealia Banks Or Lil Kim: Who Wore Mermaid Pasties Best?

Azealia Banks, Lil Kim

Azealia Banks and Lil Kim wear mermaid pasties.
Photo: Courtesy of @AzealiaBanks's Instagram/Getty Images

The business of dressing with one (or more) exposed breast is a tricky one. It's a rare, brave woman who will opt to step out with little more than a cloaked areola, mammaries flapping in the wind, but it's safe to say that when she does, she's usually channeling some sort of mermaid theme. All of the above is true for Azealia Banks and Lil Kim who have both conjured up their inner-mermaid and implemented the daring sparkly nipple adhesives as their outfit centerpieces.

Last night was Azealia's Mermaid Ball at Bowery Ballroom in NYC. With an event flyer that clearly displays Azealia rendered as a cartoon mermaid in pink star-shaped bazoom-covers, we expected something similar for her IRL performance outfit. Banks did not disappoint with glittering gold shields accented by a bib necklace dripping with shells. Though not a direct replica, we can't help but be reminded of Kimmy Blanco's infamous Diana Ross moment from the 1999 Video Music Awards wherein her lilac sequined pasty took center stage. Kim may have gone for more of a "converted mermaid" look, wearing an asymmetric neckline jumpsuit (pants require legs as opposed to fins), but the nod to the sea is clear with that shell-shaped shield. Also, that fantastic lavender wig.

Now, we know these two aren't the only ones to get in touch with their saltier side - we've seen both Katy Perry and Lady Gaga undergo mermaid transformations this year (and of course, there was Bette Midler's wheelchair mermaid in the '80s) - but none of those ladies embraced the pasty like Azealia and Kim. The courage these women have wielded to let their ladylumps fly free is already pretty exemplary, but we want to know what you think. Who wore mermaid pasties best: Azealia Banks or Lil Kim?

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