These Are A Few Of Natalia Kills' Favorite Things

Natalia Kills
Photo: Ben Cope

I don't even know where to begin with my <3 for dark pop diva, Natalia Kills. Edited version: I seriously questioned my sexuality after witnessing her hair-whipping frenzy of a performance (which involved the awesomeness that are handcuffs-as-a-belt) to a sea of bouncing bowler-hat clad hipsters at a Fashion Week party two years ago in a bananas SoHo loft. Her publicist introduced us post-killer performance, and major heart explosions happened. Maybe it was the pin-up cat-eyes makeup. The blood-red stained lips. The English accent paired with her charismatic confidence and cheeky sense of humor. Or, like, THE HEAD-TO-TOE ALEXANDER WANG DUDS. *J'Dead* But it was her dazzling debut album, Perfectionist, in which she croons about window shopping being overrated ("If I see it, Ima take it!") on what would totes be Carrie Bradshaw's anthem and, you know, killing her boyfriend (in a tub of milk in a Paris flat... you go, girl!) that really prompted me to put a Top Shop ring on it. Oh, did I mention Kills' latest semi NSFW sex-on-a-stick music vid for "You Can't Get In My Head (If You Don't Get In My Bed)" in which the Joyrich clad-cutie WERQS a braided ponytail and licks model Leebo Freeman's foxy face in a photo-booth? There's that, too. *Faints*

Anyway, my sweetheart's in the midst of recording her sophomore album with mega-producer Jeff Bhasker (producing resume includes Kanye West, Beyonce, Lana Del Rey...!), and I can 100% confirm, after listening/salivating to several seriously uh-mazin' cuts, that it's going to result in severe mind-losing/monumental life-changes in the pop game. But, lucky for you dear MTV Style readers, the ferosh fashionista took some time out of her dizzying sched to fill us in on her favorite fashion-y things. Warning: The accompanying images (see: all legs and Walter Steiger pumps on bedsheets!!!) could potentially cause heart palpitations/lead to death. #WorthIt Plz keep up the killin', Kills.

Natalia Kills whips her hair back and forth.
Photo: Ben Cope


Statement Piece: My Hair... I cut my own bangs almost everyday and alternate between a long braid or ponytail. Clothing wise my Karen Walker sunglasses are my go-to piece.

Perfume: Dior Hypnotic Poison... it comes in a beautiful 'poison apple bottle' which is so twistedly romantic

Natalia Kills' killer Karen Walker shades and hat are murdering (heh) the accessories game.
Photo: Natalia Kills


Accessory: Chris Habana cage earrings.

Hat: My bowler hat…

Lipstick: M·A·C's "Lady Danger" is the best! It's exactly in between red and orange...

Shoes from Walter Steiger and Simone Rocha.
Photo: Natalia Kills


Shoes: I love my new Walter Steiger platform pumps… and my Simone Rocha perspex levitation heels too.

T-shirt: My Clockwork Orange shirt has been my favorite for the last 3 years… I got it on eBay for $5!

Fast Food Chain: I had a baked potato from Wendy's last time I was in the airport... it was perfection...

V Mag is a good read and a beautiful piece of art.
Photo: Natalia Kills


Magazine: I've been collecting V Magazine for a few years now… I have a whole bookcase of V Magazines and books I've collected in my flat in New York.

Karaoke Jam: "Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson.

Photo: Natalia Kills

Nail Polish/Art: I like neon colors and I also love mixing paint with minx and Sally Hansen stickers...

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