Jennifer Lopez Celebrates 10 Years Making Fragrances With 'Glowing' Launch

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez celebrates 10 years of fragrance with Coty and the launch of "Glowing."
Photo: Getty Images

That's right, readers. The one and only Miss Jennifer Lopez is introducing into the world yet another celebrity fragrance. But before you go rolling your eyes, filing J.Lo's new "Glowing" fragrance away in the part of your brain where "Britney Spears Fantasy" and "Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction" live, remember that Jenny started bottling perfumes loooong before the celebrity fragrance game reached the saturation it experiences today. "Glowing" is as much a fresh new scent as it is a celebratory symbol of J.Lo's ten lucrative years making and selling fragrances with Coty, Inc.

Hold up, did you read that? Ten years, y'all. TEN. YEARS. Aside from the fact that this brings up questions of J.Lo's Benjamin Button backwards aging status. A whole freaking decade ago Jenny from the Block put out her debut fragrance Glow by J.Lo, a refreshingly fruity scent meant to feel like you just exited the most exhilerating, self-affirming shower of your LIFE. Back in 2002 this happened, and little did we know back then that J was wayyyyy ahead of the curve as one of the earliest celebrities to front a fragrance they branded and endorsed themselves. Cher may have been the first American celeb to do this with her 1987 "Uninhibited" and Antonio Banderas just may have been the first dude, but it was J.Lo who ran with it, rolling out a thorough collection of scents over the course of several (TEN!!!) years. And for that, we give a fervent nod of respect. Preach.

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