Clothing Hangers Show Facebook 'Likes' In Real Life!

Facebook Like Clothing

Clothing hangers displaying Facebook 'likes.'
Photo: Via C&A's Facebook Page

It's time to get choosy on what you "like" on Facebook! European clothing chain C&A is taking the "likes" from their e-commerce site and actually displaying them on hangers in their Brazilian brick-and-mortar store. This means shoppers can see a live tally displayed on tiny screens embedded into wooden hangers. Whooaaa. Did your mind explode yet? OURS DID. This is HUGE for the fashion industry because it means that the popular opinion could heavily influence the customer's purchases, but we are totally torn between thinking this is the greatest idea ever or the crushing of individualized thinking and personal style. Because, um, wouldn't you feel kinda sadz knowing you bought a tee with only 3 likes instead of the one with more than 1,000? *shrug* We get super giddy when the fash and technology world mix, and we would LOVE to see how this works IRL. But apparently they're still trying to avoid one big problem—people accidentally mixing up the items and their corresponding hangers. Whoops! Check out more info about the project in Mashable's video below.


{via Mashable}

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