Top Style Bloggers Of The Week: Band Tees

Zahira Oktrabiul Pat, Sara Romero and Hannah Louise.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers.

Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, here's a tip: try showing off your music taste instead. Band tees have always been a closet MVP, and whether you’re the type to buy them in the moment at a show, hit up the thrift store for an oldie but goodie, or scour eBay for a rare original, these t-shirts are the comfiest classic that looks good with literally everything. Want proof? Then get inspired by these rocking girls below.

Zahira Oktrabiul Pat of InsanelyRomantic

Blog: Twitter: @zaheyraw.

Jakarta blogger Zahira shouted out to '60s English rock band The Who with an H&M vintage-inspired tee- the perfect option for people who don't feel like shelling out cash at concerts or on the internet for their favorite tee. Instead of pairing the top with basic blue jeans, she gave the look a girlier twist with a black pencil skirt (also from H&M) and a sleek oversized blazer. But even with all these unexpectedly feminine touches, we love how Zahira didn't ditch the punky aesthetic entirely- she topped her outfit off with- what else? Chuck Taylors.

Sara Romero of Shop Fake

Blog: Twitter: @FakeEmpireLove.

Take one look Sara Romero's colorful, denim-filled fashion blog and you'll see that this L.A.-by-way-of-Florida resident has always been a total Cali girl at heart. She rocks her thrifted KISS t-shirt with ripped denim cut-offs, Betsey Johnson fishnets, and Forever 21 black boots. Thanks to these basic ingredients (plus awesome accessories like her bandanna-slash-hair-tie and John Lennon shades), the final product has some serious attitude.

Hannah Louise of Hannah Louis Fashion

Blog: Twitter: @hannahlouise_f.

Crazy shirt plus crazy pants plus crazy shoes? Oh yes, it's happening...and it totally works for Hannah Louise. The 18-year-old blogger channels the clash (fashion-wise, at least) with her eye-popping BAYS band tee and funky geometric print leggings. Topped off with rad Nike Air Max 90 high tops, this wild outfit is officially our new favorite concert-going uniform.


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