Rihanna Sports 'Denim Diapers' In Terry Richardson Photo Shoot

Rihanna Terry Richardson

Rihanna shot by Terry Richardson.
Photo: Via Terry Richardson's Tumblr

When Terry Richardson teams up with ANY celeb, you know it's going to be one steamy photo sesh. Yesterday, he posted some pics of Rihanna on his Tumblr, and—in true Terry fashion—he delivered some naugh-TAY shots of the singer. RiRi was still in her blonde stage when these were taken (now she has Skrillex hair!) and wore a tied-up white tee, hoop earrings, ankle-strap stilettos, and what we loving refer to as "denim diapers." Basically, it's a term we use when cutoff denim shorts are SO teeny tiny that they could pass for a diaper or underwear. Also, this is a real thing that babies actually wear. No, seriously, LOOK at these things.

If you're confused at the difference between short shorts and denim diapers, there are some KEY giveaways that can sort out this problem for you. 1.) If you can see the curvature of your lower butt cheek, you're in diapes territory. See: Rihanna above showing off tons of butt cleave. (But you probably already saw that.) If you can't see cheek, CONGRATS! You're wearing real shorts. Cue moms everywhere giving you adoring golf claps. 2.) If the outer sides of the bottom hem are higher than the crotch, then it's a diaper. Because, um, that's what underwear is, or, shunderwear, but that's a whole other blog post. 3.) This is more of a case-by-case basis, but MOST of the time if your inner pocket lining is longer than your Daisy Dukes, you're *whispers* probably not wearing shorts. But that's it! We swear! Just three key elements to check before you leave the house in shorts, and you're good to go. Rihanna gets a pass, though, because she's... Rihanna. And looks dang good. MTV STYLE OUT.

Denim Diapers

The denim diapers in action.
Photo: Via Huggies Facebook page

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