Carey Mulligan Sells Her Prada Met Gala Dress On Ebay

Carey Mulligan walking the red carpet at the Met Gala.
Photo: Getty

Looking for a custom-made, one of a kind designer dress for your next event and don't know where to look? EBay, of course! OK, so maybe the online auction mainstay isn't where fabulous ladies go for their couture most of the time, but for the next 10 days you can buy Carey Mulligan's custom Prada dress, you know, the AMAZING one she wore to the Met Gala on Monday, ON EBAY. The auction started at $500 but, duh, is increasing at a steady, but not rapid, pace. Anyone who knows the ins and outs of the online sale knows that the action doesn't really start until the auction is drawing to a close, though. Basically, have your refresh buttons armed and ready on May 19th, whether you've got a bid in for the dress or if you're just watching the show. OH and also, the dress is being sold by totally rad charity Oxfam International, so not only will whoever buys the dress be the bell at whatever ball they've got going on, but they'll also be helping to feel hungry people all over the world! Win-win!

Early on in the auction, the post wasn't getting too much action.

The gown, which is made of all-over silver and gold degrade metal paillettes, is a size 2-4 and will be delivered some time between May 29th and June 11th. It doesn't say whether or not they wash the dress before sending it to you...can you even wash a dress like that? So far there have been 7 bids, bringing the price up to a whopping (but still not even close to whopping given that it's a CUSTOM MADE PRADA DRESS COVERED IN GOLD AND SILVER METAL FISH SCALES) $1,025. There's a note at the top of the listing that says "This listing is restricted to pre-approved buyers only. Email the seller to be put on that pre-approved list." So no prank bids, guys. Not that you would. But you can totally watch as the sale unfolds.

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