Andrew Garfield Covers 'i-D' And 'V Man:' Which Look Do You Like Best?

Andrew Garfield on V Man and i-D

Andrew Garfield on the cover of 'i-D' and 'V Man.'
Photo: Courtesy of Alasdair McLellan/i-D and Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin/V Man

Welcome to the summer of Andrew Garfield. Thanks to starring in one of 2012's biggest blockbusters , The Amazing Spider-Man (which hits theaters in July!), no matter where you turn, you're going to see his precious little face staring right back at you. (Including the 2012 Movie Awards because he's presenting! YASSS.) We're so not mad at this because 1.) It means we have more reasons to ogle him in that crotch-hugging Spidey suit and 2.) It also means, YAY! He's on the cover of, like, every magazine ever. Just this week we were hit with two gorge cover shots of Andrew—one on i-D and another on V Man.

First off, haiii Andy. Good to see you again. *bats eyelashes* On the i-D cover, we love how he flaunts his gold Spiderman ring (BALLER) with a see-through knit crocheted sweater. He is totally clean shaven with slicked back hair and eyebrows groomed to perfection. On the V-Man cover, he's all maxin' and relaxin' in an entirely Gucci ensemble styled by Nicola Formichetti. He wears a sherpa-lined jacket over a button-up plaid shirt and a cardigan. Hold up, a cardigan as the BOTTOM layer? Daaanngg. *mind explodes* Now, between these two covers we HAVE to ask: Which one do you like better? This is where we usually weigh our options and pick a solid winner, but, hahaha, this was a trick question because HE LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME ON BOTH COVERS. I mean, it's Andrew Garfield in black and white with a slick coif, minimal facial hair and not-too-flashy clothing. TWICE. Like, we had to doubs check this wasn't the same photographer because we swear this could've been the same shoot. Either way, we love his no-nonsense style and impeccably good grooming skills, so we give both covers an A! If he was wearing his Spider-Man suit on the other hand, he'd get an A+.

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