These Are A Few Of Gabe Saporta From Cobra Starship’s Favorite Things

Gabe Saporta from Cobrastarship.
Photo: Kai Regan

Sometimes life just isn’t fair you guys. :'( Those were the thoughts swirling in my broken brain/resulting in worrisome <3 beats when I was invited to spend a rainy afternoon at the dream-on-toast Gabe Saporta’s East Village bachelor pad on his day off. When the crazily charismatic Cobra Starship frontman kindly offered me a glass of water, I obliged because, TBH, this gay needed a cool-down. *Gulp* The over 6-foot-tall piping hot glass of Smart water himself lives quite the jet-setting rockstar life, (DUH), as seen in the just-released video for Cobra Starship’s latest electro banger, “1Nite”, in which viewers get their groupie voyeuristic thrills on as the band brings their fist-pumping friendly act around the globe and makes the coolest home-video EVS, involving an underground Japanese rave replete with pelvic-thrusting dancers, no less.

In true stylish rockstar form, Gabe recently got a sea of tongues waggin’ whilst aptly gracing the cover of PAPER Magazine’s Beautiful People Issue in which the hottie rocks a blood red blazer with white skinnies combo. *J’ADORE* Also, let’s discuss his adorbs GF aka downtown darling designer, Erin Fetherston, whose immaculate bleached blunt bangs-in bob has inspired the MTV Style ladies a little too much (see: burnt scalps, orange split-ends). In other words, I’d be lying if I said I experienced sartorial shock combing through Gabe’s killer closet (lettermen jackets, braided belts, LA Gear Michael Jackson kicks, OH MY!), but I was totes sartorial-slayed/salivating whilst Gabe enthusiastically played dress-up for this week’s super special Favorite Things. Alas, though quite difficult, I somehow held my composure in an effort to Hipstamatic away the fashion-y fantasy for y’all dear readers. You’re very welcome.


Statement Piece: I’ve got these cool vintage leather studded gloves. Also, I got this beach bag vintage shopping in Japan. Japan has the best vintage. It’s going to be the best beach bag this summer.


Jacket: A lot of my fashion stuff has to do with my travels. My Billionaire Boys Club letterman jacket is the first letterman jacket I got from a fan four years ago. That’s when I got into it. I’m always looking for the perfect letterman jacket, so I had this Cobra one custom made.


Sunglasses: Eggplant Ray-Bans that were a gift from a fan named AJ. They’re my favorite pair of sunglasses. I’ve worn them in so many press photos and videos. The album is called Night Shades and these were the inspiration.


Watch: You always need a good Casio watch.


eBay Purchase: I always had eBay alerts for these LA Gear Michael Jackson shoes before he passed away. They’d always come up, but they were never my size so I finally got them. They’d probably be like a million dollars now. Gloovy Diesel jeans fit me perfectly, and they don’t make them anymore, so I also have them on eBay alerts.


Cologne: Dolce & Gabbana’s BY. I get eBay alerts on it because it’s discontinued. And Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf.

Hair Product: I use d:struct by di:fi for styling. The other thing that’s super important is to have a good hair drier because I have curly hair. For me, if I don’t want to have an afro I have to use a porcelain ceramic ionic hairdryer.


Underwear: Calvin Klein Pro Stretch trunks.

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