Florence Welch Or Lady Gaga: Who Wore A Cupcake Dress Best?

Florence Welch, Lady Gaga

Florence Welch and Lady Gaga wear tiered layer cake dresses.
Photo: Getty Images

AH, the cupcake dress. It's a many tiered and layered thing that cascades from head-to-toe like a Christmas tree. There's usually a ruffle or two (or a thousand), and its high-fashion otherworldliness cannot be denied. Most recently, Florence Welch sported a white Alexander McQueen cupcake dress at the 2012 Costume Institute Benefit Gala. The two-tiered, bell-sleeved number was partially sheer up top, lending the otherwise voluminous dress a little bit of seductive, playful flair, while the midi length and matching pumps gave the whole thing a certain Edwardian charm. Florence chose to pair the outrageous ensemble with a distinctly more simple coif--a crown braid pulls her long red hair off her shoulders and lets the dress take the spotlight, while framing her beautiful face just so.

When Lady Gaga took on the cupcake dress at the 2010 Brit Awards she took a significantly more theatrical approach. Her dress, a white Francesco Scognamiglio number with not two but three tiers, had a slightly more wedding cake look to it, and when she raised her arms the top tier would follow, a bit like a cape. To go along with this unexpected outfit Gaga wore a truly towering white wig, recalling Marie Antoinette, and a white lace veil.

So who wore it better? Although Gaga's cupcake is significantly more architectural than the playful McQueen Welch sported early this week, Florence's peek-a-boo panel takes her cupcake to a whole other level. We're still somewhat on the fence, though. We just love both ladies and both dresses so much! What do you think?

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