Azealia Banks Transforms Into A Cat For Prada At The Met Gala

After all the back and forth about whether or not Azealia Banks was actually going to play the Met Gala, we were super relieved when the singer performed for Prada at the benefit event last night. We were super excited when tweets started pouring in that, not only had the singer performed, but that she had done so in high fashion cat face paint! Taking the cat eye trend to the next level (and the letter after that), Banks looked stupid cute and was all smiles as she posed for Twitpics and Instagrams galore. She started the night off on the red carpet, arm-in-arm with Alexander Wang, wearing a custom crocodile dress with cut-outs in all the right places by the designer. It reminded us a little of the crocodile Tom Ford gown Rihanna walked the carpet in, but the shorter hemline and criss-crossed straps were playful touches, perfect for the 20 year old rapper. Paired with a deep wine colored lip, so popular among the coolest cool girls last night, and simple black ankle-strap sandals, Banks looked elegant without going anywhere near looking stuffy.

Azealia Banks was all smiles in her full cat makeup at the Met Gala.
Photo: Via Nylon Magazine Twitter

Banks was effusive throughout the night, tweeting things like "This is the best night of my life," and that she felt "so happy and honored to be part of everything tonight." Her big smiles are all the proof we need to know she wasn't joking, not even in the slightest

Banks' feline look immediately following the performance.
Photo: Azealia Banks' Twitter

Prada was clearly happy to have the Banks perform on their behalf as well, and as a thank you gift the legendary label gave the rapper two custom cat purses. The bags resemble something perhaps a little more fantastical than your every day, run of the mill house kitty--something more akin to an ewok or a gremlin (you know, before they get all evil and stuff)--but they're super cute nonetheless. Banks clearly thought so too, as she tweeted photos of both the black and white versions from the gala.

Azealia Banks' custom Prada cat purse in white.
Photo:Azealia Banks' Twitter

Banks tweeted "there are only two of these and I own both of them," of her custom Prada Cat bags. We get it, Azealia--you're fabulous. If Prada was giving us bags that look like our pets we'd be pretty stoked too, so we can't fault her for her excitement. In fact, we love it.

Azealia Banks' custom Prada cat purse in black.
Photo: Azealia Banks' Twitter

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