Lady Gaga Candid Backstage Photos Shot By Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson shoots Lady Gaga backstage on tour.
Photo: Terry Richardson

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that someone as brilliant and out there as Lady Gaga could actually exist in real life. But whenever we get to go behind the scenes with Mama Monster, complete and utter badass attitude and murderous style reminds us that she is very much real, and very much the awesomest. King of scandalous photoshoots Terry Richardson had the totally enviable opportunity to join Gaga on the first leg of her Born This Way Ball in Seoul, South Korea. This isn’t Richardson’s first time getting super real with Mama Monster, he got inside her lair for his book Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson, but who doesn’t want more Lady Gaga, am I right?! From catching the pop star being fitted into her Giorgio Armani head cage before taking the stage, to the incredible style of her little monsters, the photog makes us feel like we’re there, almost (we still can’t wait for the tour to reach the States come fall *fingers crossed*). And we didn’t even mention that corset–with straps and hardware, the bondage-inspired piece calls to mind some of the Gaultier pieces Madonna wore on her Blonde Ambition tour back in the ’90s, but with that distinct Gaga flair.

Mother Monster in her element.
Photo: Terry Richardson

Although the shots provide an unprecedented peek at Gaga’s totally drool-worthy costumes, they also reveal the tireless performer kicking it in some significantly more casual gear. Richardson caught her rehearsing a dance number in an off the shoulder Anthrax tee and leggings, and we just have to say, this is one scenario in which, although the clothes do make the woman (more awesome), Gaga looks just as magnetizing on stage in her chill out threads as she does wrapped in leather and chains.

Lady Gaga explores Seoul.
Photo: Terry Richardson

We can’t even begin to imagine what it must feel like to stand in an enormous, empty stadium and know it will soon be filled with thousands of people all there to see you. In what is, for us, one of the most mind blowing of the set, Lady Gaga stands in the middle of Seoul’s Olympic Stadium in sky high platform heels, a pleated skirt and matching jacket and a killer teased pomp. What do you think about Gaga’s different looks? Which is your fave?

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