Beyonce Debuts Blue Ivy Nameplate Necklace


Beyonce wears Blue Ivy necklace.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Beyonce's Tumblr

Anyone with a finger on the pulse of fashion can tell that nameplate necklaces are snowballing into one of the biggest accessory trends of the season, nay, YEAR! From "Yeezi" to Twitter handles to, you know, your own name, the metallic mini-billboard style is only growing in its ubiquity. Latest to hop on the boat is none other than Miss Beyonce, with a necklace that helps keep daughter Blue Ivy close to her heart, even when she isn't swaddled in louche furry buntings against mama's chest. Bey uploaded this snap of her baby Blue-exhalting Basch & Co. jewelry to her Tumblr. She wears it with a gold sideways cross necklace, button-up blouse, and blazer, and is holding those round sunnies that have been such a favorite for her lately.

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