These Are A Few Of Dev's Favorite Things

Dev Favorite Things

Photo: GL Wood

Remember that one time when the chorus of Far East Movement's "Like A G6" was the only thing you'd sing whilst self-exfoliating at home on a lonely Saturday night? Those were the days. *Sigh* Anywho, one inebriated evening circa 2010, I bolted/tripped over to the jukebox at my fave local suspicious-smelling gay dive faster than a frenetic pelvic thrust because I HAD to know the name, and then obvs the steeze, of the enigmatic, purring female serving it to the kids on the euphoric jam. The answer is now, obvs, Dev. First of all, 'Dev' is a bad-to-the-bone, Dev-ilish name, so fierce hand waves to that hotness, girl. But following much chin-scratching and a Google Image search via iPhone minutes later (which basically = a rad pompadour situation, a slew of tattoos and cuckoo kinds of bling) another (totes healthy) obsession was born. Nowadays, I'm driving the MTV Style office all sorts of "STFU!" cray as a result of my latest fave sang-it-loud-and-proud jam, "In My Trunk" from Dev's popgasm of a debut album, The Night The Sun Came Up. Sing it with me you guys: "I got that thump it's in mah trunk, it's in mah trunk…" The lyrics are basically >>>>> and Fergalicious. So, duh, I hit up Dev for this week's installment of Favorite Things. Homegirl e-mailed me a detailed map of her uhmazing tattoos (!!!) and more sartorial hot sauce, so if you hear me shrieking profanities and/or catch the sound of "In The Dark" lyrics echoing across St. Mark's today after work, don't be alarmed... I'm just wearing my <3 (inspired by Dev) on my sleeve. #NoPainNoStyleGain


Dev Favorite Things

All photos courtesy of Dev

Statement Piece: A mean pinky ring.

Concert T-Shirt: Pink Thursday T-shirt.

Fast Food Chain: In-N-Out!


Dev Favorite Things

Shoes: Concords 11's Air Jordans and Jeffrey Campbell heels.

Perfume: SHI by Alfred Sung.


Dev Favorite Things

Tattoo: "Menina Bonita" [ED NOTE: translates to: "nice-looking girl"] on my forearm.

eBay Purchase: Only one eBay purchase ever, and it was metal studs.


Dev Favorite Things

Magazine: Vogue

Karaoke Song: Journey's "Don't Stop Believing".

Nail Polish: All CK One cosmetics nail polishes!

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