Kanye West x Jacob & Co. 'Yeezi' Nameplate Will Be Sold At Colette

Kanye's 'Yeezi' nameplate was first seen in his runway show.
Photo: Courtesy Colette Tumblr

It's no secret that we love nameplates around these parts, so when news broke that regular people like us could potentially add Kanye West's 'Yeezi' nameplate to our jewelery collections there was palpable excitement in the air, complete with cries of, "I totally want it" echoing through the halls. Parisian boutique Colette will be selling the gold-chained necklace, which West designed with the help of Jacob & Co.. We have yet to hear how much the chain will set you back, price wise, or when you'll be able to order it, but it's only a matter of time. In addition to the nameplate, Colette shoppers can also score West's Guiseppe Zanotti-produced shoes. We really hope the stilettos' $4,852 price tag isn't indicative of how much the nameplate will retail for, though, since that would set it just a liiiiittle out of our price range.

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