The Man Repeller Takes On Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games' In New Video

Leandra Medine rolls around on the floor in seductive melancholy in new video.
Photo: The Man Repeller

You might think you know Leandra Medine, aka The Man Repeller. You're an expert in arm parties and neon detachable collars--we know, we know. You might also think you know Lana Del Rey. She likes to pout her lips and surround herself with tigers, yes. But, do you know Lean del Ra, Medine's milk-drinking, stuffed polar bear clutching alter ego? In a new video set to Del Rey's "Video Games," Medine introduces her new incarnation, who stares longingly at basketball games and eats matzah with cream cheese (also perfect timing, and gusto). Medine, or we should say, Lean del Ra, also lets us see her favorite stuffed animal, a rotund polar bear named Puffy [Sidebar: we totally had that same stuffed polar bear as babies. It's like we're kindred spirits or something]. In the post accompanying the video, Medine describes it as "a newer age new age Who Wore it Best treatment paying tribute while simultaneously battling none other than internet favorite: Lana Del Rey," and we have to say, as far as who wore the pouty melancholy babe singing a sad song best? We just can't decide. Lana or Leandra? It's too hard!

And now on to the fashion, since we're all here for the fashion, right? In the video, Lean del Ra is wearing an amazingly shimmery, textured dress by Theyskens Theory and a flowered headpiece (DIY anyone?). She also says she's wearing flats but they kind of look like athletic socks but we're going to give her the benefit of the doubt and believe her on the flats thing because she's the coolest.


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