Katy Perry Rocks 3-D Flower Nails on Twitter

Katy Perry and her amazing 3-D Flower Nails

Katy Perry and her amazing 3-D Flower Nails.
Photo: Getty Images/Katy Perry's Twitter

Queen of beauty extremes Katy Perry will never say die when it comes to a radical new look, so it's no surprise that she's taken 3-D nails to the extreme(-ly awesome) with her latest mani. In a photo posted on her Twitter, Perry shows off her botanical talons, which pump up a beige, neon, and pastel nail with pop-up red and pink roses. Not to be outdone, the look also wraps around Perry's fingers, making her photo-accompanying caption, "my fingers are in FULL bloom today," nowhere near an understatement. Get a closer look after the jump!

Close Up: Katy Perry's Nails

Katy Perry and her amazing 3-D Flower Nails.
Photo: Katy Perry's Twitter

While we have yet to receive confirmation if this is another of the brilliant Kimmie Kyees' designs, it seems likely that Perry's go to manicurist was at least partially involved. Pure. Genius. This might not be the look for anyone who actually needs to use their hands throughout the day, it does give us some major inspiration for our next big event. Flower nails at prom, anyone?

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