Lady Gaga Adds Another Hairy Ensemble To Her Wardrobe

Lady Gaga Hair Outfits

Lady Gaga sported hairy ensembles on April 28 2012, Aug. 6 2010, and Oct. 6 2011, Aug. 6 2010.
Photo: Getty Images

Let's just get this off our denim-vested chests shall we? LADY GAGA is BACK, y'all! While we triumphantly hand clap and do our best monster-paw-raised rawwwwrs in our heads so as not to disrupt anyone working quietly next to us, we are beyond thrilled at both the return of our Lady and the arrival of the Born This Way Ball, which opened in Seoul, South Korea, on April 27 and is currently in Hong Kong for a series of shows ending on May 7. Mama M and crew are hard at work to bring us an epic show (hopefully touching down stateside this fall) complete with an honest-to-goodness MONSTER PIT and series of costumes courtesy of Giorgio Armani. Also? Our Lady is seemingly bringing the hair outfits back, too.

As you might remember, Gagalicious thrust herself upon the fashion world in not one, not two, but THREE hair outfits previously. There was the all-white, mammoth hair monster costume she wore at Lollapalooza in 2010—the first in this tangle-free series—followed by a second at the same concert that included a bedazzled merkin. Then there was the all-black, head-to-toe hair ensemble she wore out on the streets of London last year that included a black hair sombrero and errant photograph of The Bride of Frankenstein. But 2012 is bringing a whole new shade into the mix, as Mother Monster debuted a purple hair dress underscored by a white bodice, white gloves, and white hat on the streets of Hong Kong.

Sashaying down the concrete, the dress whipping it's violet tendrils insouciantly around her ankles, Gaga truly returned to form to bring us yet another—please excuse—hair-raising fashion moment. We love the hair bows tied around her bodice like a beauty school Girl Scout sash. Also, Gaga's side pony is braided into the dress. #ZHAMAZE But does this Purple People Eater dress reign supreme in the pantheon of Lady Gaga hair ensembles? We'll leave that up to you to decide...

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