Teens Petition For 'Seventeen' To Feature Monthly Unaltered Photo Spread

Seventeen Magazine Photoshop

Photoshopped 'Seventeen' Magazine covers.
Photo: Via 'Seventeen' Magazine's Facebook

Teen girls across the U.S. are making their voices heard! A petition spearheaded by 14-year-old Julia Bluhm is asking Seventeen Magazine to "commit to printing one unaltered -- real -- photo spread per month. I want to see regular girls that look like me in a magazine that’s supposed to be for me." She claims that girls today think "the word 'pretty' means skinny and blemish-free" thanks largely to Photoshopping their models/celebrities to unattainable perfection. "Those 'pretty women' that we see in magazines are fake," she continues. "They’re often Photoshopped, air-brushed, edited to look thinner, and to appear like they have perfect skin. A girl you see in a magazine probably looks a lot different in real life." She claims this can lead to harmful behavior because when girls "don’t fit the criteria, some girls try to 'fix' themselves. This can lead to eating disorders, dieting, depression, and low self esteem."

The petition is aimed at the mag's Editor-in-Chief Ann Shoket and already has nearly 14,000 signatures of the projected 15,000 goal. We LOVE that girls are speaking their mind about how the media portrays teens and how it's affecting their lives, but do you think a huge mag like Seventeen will be willing to change after all these years? We can't WAIT to see what the teen mag says in response to this petition (we're crossing our fingers for you, Julia!) because if they decide to run with it, this could be a HUGE revolution among the fashion magazine world. Check out Julia's petition here, and sign it if you support her cause. What do you think about magazines and their (over)use of Photoshop? Do you think it heavily influences young girl's self-esteem?

{via Jezebel}