Beyonce And Justin Bieber Battle It Out For FiFi Awards' Luxe Women's Fragrance Of The Year Title

Beyonce Justin Bieber Fragrance

Beyonce at her Pulse fragrance launch in New York on Sept. 21 and Justin Bieber at his Someday fragrance launch on June 23.
Photo: Getty Images

Sure, there's a whole heap of celebrities with perfumes, but when it comes to The Fragrance Foundation's FiFi Awards, (self-described as "the Oscars of the fragrance industry") it separates the just so-so smells from the straight-up spectacular. They just released their finalist list, and, whew boy! We're excited to see how this fight goes down—our two faves Beyoncé and Justin Bieber are BOTH battling it out for the highly-esteemed title of Luxe Women's Fragrance of The Year. Justin Bieber's Someday perfume was an obvious hit in 2011—it dethroned Beyoncé's OTHER perfume Heat as the best-selling celebrity fragrance of all time, and Beyoncé debuted Pulse last fall, which also scooped up another nomination in the Best Packaging - Luxe Women category. Last year Marc Jacobs' Lola took home the coveted prize, but the Biebs and Bey are up against some stiff competition for 2011's title—Bottega Veneta, Prada Candy and Tom Ford's Violet Blonde are also in the running.

Some other finalists who make us SO happy include Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck perfume, which was nominated in the Best Packaging - Luxe Women and Media Campaign - Women categories, and Christina Aguilera's Broad Appeal - Women's nomination for her Royal Desire scent. We maaayyy be a little preemptive in this statement, but we're SO curious to see how Selena Gomez's perfume fares for next year! Could you imagine if she was up against her boyf Justin Bieber? We smell drama.

For the full list of finalists, check out WWD.

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