Movie Awards: Breaking Down Last Year's Biggest Red Carpet Trends [Video]

Selena Gomez, Hailee Sternfeld, and Kristen Stewart worked it out on the 2011 Movie Awards red carpet.
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HAHAHAHHAHA. Ugh. You know that thing where you hear your own voice and it’s octaves deeper and scads more alien-sounding than you suspected even with the allotted margin of error because you know that it’s a thing? Seeing yourself in video is that times a million. So gross! Whose bloated, animatronic, pie-face is this exactly? Also, who decided to go out the night before and eat all the sodium in the world and quaff entirely too much carbonated alcohol despite knowing they had on-camera duties the morning after? GAH. So yeah, ignore the looming, foreboding forehead but do listen to the words because we are talking MTV Movie Awards red carpet fashion.

Remember last year? My favorite trends, now that I’ve had a whole calendar year to mull it over has to be the fact that so many ladies showed off great stems. There were super-cute rompers, like the floral Dolce & Gabbana that Elle Fanning wore, as well as the sick’ning black satin situation in which Cameron Diaz stunted. Then there was Hailee Steinfeld’s tuxedo sneak attack—a sleek, shawl-collar Louis Vuitton with sequined accents. And of course we can’t forget K. Stew’s one-of-a-kind Balmain riddled in safety pins. So. Fracking. Good.

The dudes had it breezy, comparatively speaking. They got to pretty much sidle up wearing casual-ish duds and still look handsome (or at least fetchingly awkward… ahem… R. Pattz). Waxed jeans, leather jackets and sneakers were par for their course despite the fanciness of their dates. As such, the couples style was delightfully juxtapositiony. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were adorable despite Andrew skewing a touch too maritime around the blazer area. Selieber nailed it as always—Selena wore this refreshing, ladies-who-lunch cream, sleeveless skirt suit by Giambattista Valli and Justin rocked white jeans. All tolled, it was celebratory sparklefest and we’re looking forward to who will bring it hardest this weekend. Peep the video for pictorial evidence (as well as my freakishly deep voice and gargantuan face) and stay tuned this Sunday while we liveblog all the action from the red carpet.


MTV Style | Movie Awards Red Carpet Fashion Breakdown


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