Rihanna Goes Topless for 'Esquire' UK Cover

Rihanna bares it all on the July cover.
Photo: Esquire UK

So we know your minds just exploded over that headline, and maybe you hesitated a little, wondering if what you were going to find would be safe for whatever public place you're sitting in right now. Fear not, because, despite being pretty racy, there's nothing TOO scandalous about Rihanna's cover shoot for the latest issue of Esquire UK. The singer was shot by Matt Irvin and styled with a distinctly military vibe (Battleship, anyone?) juxtaposed by some extremely combat inappropriate skivvies. Although the photos available now are just outtakes from the shoot, we can already tell that Rihanna is majorly on her babe game.

What're you smiling about, RiRi?
Photo: Esquire UK

With blonde hair, smokey eyes and a light pink lip, Rihanna's beauty steeze is far from tough, despite her fatigues and dog tags. Can we pause for a second and talk about that manicure, though? A black french mani with long, pointed tips? Yes. We also love that not all of the photos are strictly serious--in some Rihanna smiles so wide we like to think there's something really funny happening in the background. Or a puppy, something. Often nude photos can feel a little trashy, or just sad, but we have to say that with the confidence that we have seen Rihanna demonstrate and the power of the photos that we've seen so far, we're finding ourselves far from scandalized. It's also just that the singer looks freakin' amazing in all of the photos. AH-MAY-ZING.

Scandalous, but not too scandalous?.
Photo: Esquire UK

You can only catch a glimpse of it from the photos available now, but Rihanna is also rocking some killer roots in her blonde mane. At least an inch of warm brown hair is blended towards her ends, in a look that's park unkempt rocker chic, part oh wait is that a hat? but in the best way. You can see the dye job (or lack thereof) a little more closely in the accompanying behind the scenes video on Esquire's site. In that video you can also lock eyes on some totally incredible, jewel encrusted accessories that had the whole office swooning in our seats. Literally, swooning.

We cannot WAIT to see what the rest of the spread has in store. What do you think? Is Rihanna's foray into nudity tasteful or tacky?

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