Kat Graham Named Special Style Correspondent For MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Pre-Show

Kat Graham at LOGO's 2012 "New Now Next" Awards (left), in Las Vegas, and at a 'Vampire Diaries' event in Los Angeles.
Photo: Getty Images

We admit: we're notoriously bad at keeping secrets, so, needless to say the last few weeks have been REALLY hard. We knew it would be worth the wait, though. Ahem. Drumroll, please... Kat Graham will be reporting as Special Style Correspondent on the 2012 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Pre-Show AND the MTV Style Red Carpet Report this weekend! Amazing, right?! As Special Style Correspondent of the pre-show, which you can catch this Sunday at 8:00 PM ET/PT on MTV, she'll be joining Josh Horowitz, Jim Cantiello and Sway Calloway from MTV News and talk to everyone from Chloe Moretz to Leighton Meester to Andy Samberg (yep, really!) on the red carpet. She told us, “I'm looking forward to being a part of bringing the show to the fun level it always arrives at. We're going to be bringing fashion/fierce/pop to a show honoring amazing talent, and showing how we do it the MTV way!" And, yes, there will be even MORE Kat Graham/fashion amazingness right here on MTV Style, so be sure check back in for the full red carpet report.

We all know and love the Swiss-born American actress from her breakout role as Bonnie Bennett in The CW's The Vampire Diaries, but acting is only the tip of the talent iceberg for this impressive multi-tasker. At only 22 she's already reached triple threat status, with a successful music career (including the highly addictive track "Put Your Graffiti On Me") and dance background...not to mention a killer fashion sense. After all, how many girls do you know who can pull off the sleek hi-rise ponytail and minidress as well as Miss Graham? That's a big fat zero, if you ask us. And now she's ready to put her personal style to good use this Sunday.

She's proven her expertise over the past few years, rocking outfits from crazy-cool designers like The Blonds , Jeremy Scott and indie label Sportpiece. Although we know that Kat's going to be style stalking all the celebs at the Awards, we personally can't wait to see who SHE decides to wear to the big show, because we know it's going to be mind-blowing. As the fashion plate described her own style to us a year ago, "I really love bustiers and corsets and things that border on the Barbarella line and domination. I love anything that makes you feel empowered. I'm 'bout that, you can't be scared." We couldn't agree more. Start placing your bets on Kat Graham's MTV Movie Awards outfit now!


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